Art Classes 

Join Mindy’s online classes for step by step guides to drawing & painting the beauty of nature. All levels welcomed.

Greeting Cards to Benefit Animal Rescue

I am on a mission to bring awareness and funding to animal rescues. 20% of the proceeds goes to Animal Rescues in Florida and Costa Rica.

Grab a FREE video & printable guide for Botanical and Nature Artists.
I’m Mindy. An artist and online teacher who is passionate about getting out into the natural world and discovering the beauty in every rock, stream and forest.

I believe in protecting the earth and do so by educating people through my art. I am painting a legacy for future generations. My goal is to record the earth’s species in the 21st century and educate people to preserve it.

Journey to the Heart of Creativity
in the Costa Rican Rainforest

Draw, Paint, & Photograph to Energize the Artist Within

February 16- 25, 2024

Do you want to gain new techniques in drawing, painting and photography to further enhance the accuracy and beauty of nature?

Come with me for a journey of a lifetime to nurture and develop your personal artistic soul in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

Online Classes

My online art classes are designed for artists interested in learning the tradition of accurate drawing and painting found in botanical and natural science art.