EtsyPromoI recently decided to collect art from other artists. Why collect someone else’s art when I can make it myself?

I once heard only 2% of the population buys art and of that 2%, a high percentage of them are artists! This may not make sense if the artist can create paintings themselves. Why buy someone else’s work? I admire many artists work, some work similarly to the way I work and some are totally different. Here are some of the reasons I buy art:

  • I admire the execution and technique of the artist. Same subject matter but different technique from my own work.
  • The artist is more accomplished than I am and not only do I admire it, I want to study the original to learn from it.
  • I like supporting the creative spirit and I usually feel an affinity with the artist as well as the piece I buy.
  • There is a unique approach, something out of the ordinary that the artist has done that speaks to me.

During this Holiday Season I encourage you to buy an original piece of art from an artist whose work you admire. I am offering a substantial discount until December 10, 2014 on many of my original works in my Etsy Shop. It doesn’t have to my art……. just don’t buy it at WallMart or Bed, Bath and Beyond! Buy it from a real live breathing artist for yourself, a friend or loved one.

What kind of art do you collect?

Happy Art Collecting and Happy Holidays!