Nancy Ori and Mindy Lighthipe to Host the Free
Art Conference III

I am super excited to join forces my dear friend Nancy Ori founder of NJ Photography Forum for her third free Zoom conference on February 6, 2022, from 3-5pm for artists. As two creatives we have collaborated many times in the past while teaching and exhibiting together, so it was a natural for us to work together to make this event. The conference is based on the creative inspiration we both gather from nature and how we are able to generate positive energy, workshops, and artwork during this challenging time.

Once we saw how powerful inspiration can be, we decided it would be a great topic worth sharing as well as an opportunity to open the door to hear from others. The Art Conference III will offer attendees a chance to network and share thoughts about their own journeys, ask questions, get helpful tips, and make some plans for the future. To get the discussion rolling, Nancy and Mindy will show their nature photographs and paintings.

For this conference we invited an additional artist to also present their work. The 4 artists will have time to talk about what inspires them and how that inspiration impacts their lives and new work. The additional presenting guest artists are John Middick, an award-winning portrait artist working primarily in colored pencil best known as The Sharpened Artist; and Paul Solomon, an educator, artist/photographer, and author with interdisciplinary interests and areas of expertise.

Early in 2020, life suddenly shifted in so many ways for so many people, yet the natural world didn’t seem to notice. During the virtual presentation, I look forward to¬†sharing some of the images that inspired and helped me to get through and move on. I hope you can join us!

Anyone interested in joining the discussion will need to contact Nancy Ori to get the free Zoom link at nancyori@comcast.net. Attendance is open to any artist of any age using any medium. Along with important current art information, a major part of the conference discussion with attendees will be about what has been learned and how to draw inspiration from difficult situations.

Know an artist who would love to take part in this LIVE ZOOM CONFERENCE? It is FREE so please pass this on.