“In a Perfect World”- Watercolor & Colored Pencil; Mindy Lighthipe ©1993 click here to see the entries and donate by May 30, 2020.

Since the shut down there are some things which have caused me great concern. One of them is future of The Toucan Rescue Ranch. The Costa Rican government responsibly shut down tourism on March 18, 2020.  Tourism is the life blood of this organization. It is responsible for over 50% of the income they need to survive. As Costa Rica takes necessary precautions to ensure public safety. TRR still needs to attend to the 320 animals in its care. Their main source of income is from educational walks from both national and international visitors. In order for them to properly care for these animals THEY NEED OUR HELP. They have organized a CALL FOR ARTISTS & DONORS as a fundraiser to bring in much needed financial assistance. I have a painting I did from 1993 when I first started traveling to Costa Rica, “In a Perfect World”. I submitted it to the Toucan Rescue Ranch to aid in this support. The way it works is artists submit their art and then people make donations. During the donation process you can pick any of the drawings as your top choice. For each dollar donated a point is received. So if a person donates $25 and picks their favorite painting, 25 points are awarded to the painting. The person with the most points has their art reproduced on a t-shirt. I have submitted my art in the hopes to reach more people. I am hoping people can make a donation. I know many have fallen on tough times but there are many of us who are doing ok. Any donation, however small, will be welcomed. Many of you on my mailing list have been to the Toucan Rescue Ranch with me and know how special this place is. I know many of you who are hoping to go on this awesome tour as soon as traveling is safe again. I too look forward to going back to Costa Rica and I want to make sure the Toucan Rescue Ranch is still there.

When you click here, it will take you to the donation page. There is a box that will show you all the entries. There is a tab at the top which says Story and the other one says Update. Make sure you click on these tabs and it will show you all the submissions. There are some really super ones that have been submitted from artists around the world and of all ages. If you have some art you think you would like to submit there is a link this page on how to submit. Submission close on May 15 but donations are being accepted until May 30, 2020.

Thank you so much for considering to help the Toucan Rescue Ranch! Please share this blogpost with any of your nature loving friends. WE need all the support we can get!

I hope you and your family are healthy, safe and being creative!