Commando Frog & Red GingerFabulous FROGS!

I am very excited to share this painting with you. It was done by one of my students Rayma Peterson. Rayma was with us this past February on the Artistic Adventure tour of Costa Rica. One of the highlights for many of us in the group was the opportunity to photograph and sketch tropical poison dart and tree frogs. On every tour we have a naturalist guide that finds the most fabulous things for us. Part of the itinerary is staying at Selva Verde Lodge. It is in the heart of the Saripiqui region and has an abundance of wildlife. Our guide this year was Jimmy and he did an awesome job of “frog catching”. He set up tables to  recreate the forest floor. He then released several species of frogs onto the leaf litter.

The focus of our artist/photographer tour is to teach people to gather enough reference material through photographs, onsite sketching, color notes and personal experience to go back home to their studios and paint! This is exactly what Rayma did. It is now 6 months later. She lives in Toronto where the summers are short and the winters are long. I really love the detail and color she got in her leaf litter. The painting is rich in color and texture. It was so awesome to see her painting and interpretation of our “frog day”.

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