PinFreebieSeptember brings a change in the season and for me it always means back to school. Ever since I can remember I went back to school in September, whether it was as a student or as a teacher. It is a time which reminds me to go back to the basics. As you already know I teach art. I have taught a variety of subjects and techniques throughout my teaching career. For me the most important aspect of creating art  and teaching it is in the Foundation of DRAWING. For botanical and nature artists, it is all about getting the underlying structure of our subjects in proportion, scale, form and detail. Knowing the basics and using them every time I put the pencil to the paper has made a huge difference in my own drawings and paintings. The more I draw, the better I see, the more I understand and the better I can convey it in my art.

On September 16 I have 2 online classes starting. The Foundation Drawing Class goes in-depth about the fundamentals of drawing for botanical and nature subjects. Drawing on the Beauty of Plants goes in-depth, step by step to drawing plants. Both are taught in graphite.

To the left is just a short list of the things I do every time I draw. I decided to prepare a 10 minute video as a slide presentation to jump start you “Back to School”.

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Happy Drawing!