The Spectacle Owl , Pulsatrix perspicillata is the first owl I ever saw in the wild. I was walking in the rainforest on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica when suddenly I felt as if I was being watched. I looked around and didn’t see anything, until I looked up. The gaze of an owl staring at you is piercing. I stopped dead in my tracks and watched this magnificent raptor. I will never forget that moment. 

This painting was done from a rescued owl at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, named BIG Mama! Like many mammals and birds, Big Mama was found severely injured due to an electrocution accident in Costa Rica. She was brought to the Toucan Ranch for treatment. Unfortunately she suffered substantial tendon loss in one of her wings and she is no longer able to fly. When possible TRR rehabilitates all rainforest birds found in Costa Rica and if possible the birds are released back into the wild. Big Mama will not be able to be released but has found a permanent home at TTR where she will be loved and cared for. She has received excellent medical care and is doing well.

Part of my mission as an artist is to use my artistic ability to help Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers like the Toucan Rescue Ranch receive the funds they desperately need to operate and care for the medical expenses as well as the permanent residents they care for. Conservation and rehabilitation are necessary in saving the other species on our planet. We can all make a difference.

This listing is for an original colored pencil and PanPastel painting on Stonehenge Kraft Paper. It is unframed. 25% of the sale will go towards donating funds to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Shipping is free in the continental USA. Please email for shipping costs outside the continental USA. CLICK HERE to PURCHASE


Spectacled Owl Original Art ©2020 Mlighthipe

Big Mama- The Spectacle Owl is now a permanent resident at the Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica.

Would you like to meet Big Mama in person and all the gang at the Toucan Rescue Ranch? Each year I lead an Art & Photography Tour to Costa Rica. Click here for details! We have one more space left for February 2022 for a double or single occupancy.