Where The Wild Sloths Roam – A Tale of 2 Sloths


Front cover for the Children's Book: Where the Wild Sloths Roam Book Cover

Did you know there are 2 very different types of sloths?

Did you know certain sloths are not as slow as you would think?

Did you know sloths spend most of their lives in trees?

Take a journey with us to learn about these amazingly unrelated sloths. This hardcover book is written by Denise Gillen and illustrated by Mindy Lighthipe. We have self-published the book using Lulu.com. The profits for the book will help injured and orphaned sloths return to the wild through The Toucan Rescue Ranch.




Where the Wild Sloths Roam

Meet the Sloth Team

Writer, Denise Gillen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. She spent her career in her dream job as a Senior keeper at the San Diego Zoo where she raised many species from hummingbirds to giraffes. She never imagined that in 2018, she would be living in Costa Rica, volunteering as the full-time Sloth Nanny at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, a world renowned wildlife rescue facility. She has spent the last two years caring for orphaned wild sloths, feeding them round the clock, preparing them for eventual release back into the wild. She loves sharing her knowledge through writing whimsical and accurate stories about her encounters for all.



Artist, Mindy Lighthipe is passionate about getting out into the natural world and discovering the beauty in every rock, stream and forest. With this passion she carefully studies her subjects in their environment. Using her artistic abilities Mindy draws the beauty of nature to teach others of the importance of conservation and diversity. Her travels take her to Costa Rica where she has grown to love the rainforest. Through her adventures she met Denise and this book came to life.

To learn more about The Toucan Rescue Ranch and their mission to rescue, rehabilitate, release injured and orphaned Costa Rican wildlife…….including SLOTHS!  Click Here