It is that time of year when everyone is busy getting ready for a week + of activities. I am putting the finishing touches on my home. We have an Open House every Christmas Eve and our friends and family stop by during the day to have a cup of good cheer with us. I needed to find something that I could send to my e-mail list this year and didn't have much time to create a new piece of art so I decided to go the computer and let Photoshop work some magic.

The thing that I love about Photoshop is working in layers. Layers helped me to make this wreath easily. I duplicated, re-sized, rotated, positioned and faded only 2 butterfly drawings that I had done and scanned into the computer. Can you imagine just how many butterflies I would have had to paint to create this wreath? I am not sure, but I know that I would never have gotten it done by Christmas. I was able to sit down and work with Photoshop and in a few hours……. viola! I had this wonderful little wreath to send out to everyone on my list.

If you are interested in learning more about Photoshop, check out my home page under affliates located on the bottom of the page,  to learn more about a great online tutorial website called Lynda.com