Painting #21- "Green Emerald- Orchid Queen"

"Green Emerald- Orchid Queen" Watercolor- Mindy Lighthipe ©2012

Today I had an interview with Robert Sharpe on BlogTalkRadio.com to help promote my deck of oracle cards "Nature's Wisdom". It was my first time live in an interview and was a lot of fun. Robert was easy to talk with and there was a listener from California who called in. I got to do a reading for her. It was very interesting to see how she reacted to my reading and the card I drew for her. I was very pleased at how accurate, helpful, and meaningful it was to her in her present stage of life. If you are interested in hearing the interview click here.

So what does this have to do with Painting #21? In my oracle deck, one of the cards is the orchid……. I thought I would share with you the meanings, symbolism and mythology from my book as well as as a "Special Message".


The orchid symbolizes obsession. Orchidaceae, the Orchid family, is the largest family of flowering plants. Dating back 120 million years ago, they live on every continent except Antarctica. The appearance is almost alien with shapes that are bizarre, flamboyant, and brilliantly colored.

Orchids attract pollinators for reproduction by smell, visual mimicry and trickery.  Sweet scents attract bees while rancid smells attract flies. They can imitate the appearance of insects including bees and butterflies with the patterns on their petals. Orchids can lure a pollinator to the edge of its pouch and the insect falls in. When it finds the only exit, it brushes against the pollinia and pollinates the plant.

For centuries, the orchid has been a symbol of love, luxury and beauty. It is the thought to be the most exotic and evocative of flowers. Their rare beauty has created a mysterious and alluring obsession. They are highly prized and coveted by collectors.

Special message:
The orchid represents a possible obsession. Look at your present circumstance and decide whether you have become infatuated with something. It could get out of control.

The whole point of adding this to my blog post is that……… I am OUT OF CONTROL!!!! There are orchids everywhere I turn; in the studio, on the kitchen counter, in the shower, in the doorway, outside on the deck………….. I am in heaven. I love it!

My message to you is go and pursue your passion and

don't be afraid to get out of control!

This painting is available for sale. If you are interested contact me.