I am currently leading a trip in Costa Rica for the University of Florida! This is the first time I am teaching for UFL here. The students are super happy and enthusiastic to be here and so am I! Costa Rica always has something new and exciting to see. On our first day we had a troup of coatimundis charge across the road in front of our bus. It was led by an adult female. We learn that when you see a group like this it mostly consists of females and  juveniles. The reason for this is the males often will fight, injure or even kill the young coatis. By staying in a group like this, the adult females are able to protect their young until they are able to fend for themselves. Coatimundis are relatives to raccoons and have the same similar and mischievous personalities. This little guy turned back to take a peak at us. He was a curious about us as we were of him!