Top 10 Reasons to go to Costa Rica!

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Iphone 5s Frog ©2015 Mlighthipe1. No SNOWY, DREARY, DANK, ICEY weather in Costa Rica
2. No down jackets, polar fleece or thermal gloves allowed.
3. Mindy shows you awesome ways to draw and photograph the amazing flora and fauna of Costa Rica.
4. Your very own Nature Guide will take you on daily hikes for birdwatching, frog hunting and more!
5. Watch chocolate grow on the trees.
6. Stay in a place where orchids are dripping off the trees.
7. See frogs that are electric blue, raspberry red and lime green.
8. Help conservation efforts to rehabilitate toucans, sloths and owls…. of MY!
9. Take a boat ride through the jungle and pretend you are in a Humprey Bogart movie.

and the best reason……
Where can you go in February, drink a fruity cocktail in a rocking chair with one toe dipped into the pool, a pair of binoculars around your neck, your camera in your lap, your drawing pad on the table next to the rocker, watch a caterpillar pupate into a chrysalis at the same time you watch the sunset, listening to the chirp of a grasshopper, in hopes of seeing a quetzal fly past you?

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