Have some fun with your art!

Many artists work from photographs. I find that the best way for me is work from my own photos! Here are my reasons for taking my own photos:

  • I like to experience the subject. What kind of personality does the animal have? This baby giraffe stole my heart. She was adorable! Watching her antics helped me to capture her in my painting. I could have watched her all afternoon, but I only had about 5 minutes to remember how cute she was.
  • Experiencing it through the camera lens allows me to visually study it. I only had a few short moments to photograph the giraffes  but I was able to capture part of the personality. I zoomed in to take close up shots. I didn’t realize when I took the photograph that she had stuck her blue tongue out. Not only did I incorporate the pose into my painting, but the color blue became a design element.
  • The camera allows me to create compositions. I can crop areas, take just a portion of the subject etc.
  • Digital photography allows me to take unlimited photos which I can either delete or keep. I have gone “green” and no longer print out my photos but view them from my iPad.
  • Working from my own photographs eliminates any worry about copyright infringements by using other images from photographers.

Here is my painting from the above photograph. I decided to have some fun with the color and design as a friend of mine is going to be a new grandmother and the new mom’s favorite animal is a giraffe and her favorite colors are yellow and magenta. I probably never would have made this painting if I had not stopped and taken 5 minutes to photograph the baby giraffe at the zoo!

How do you work from photographs? Leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you.