Does life get in the way of doing the things you really love to do? Jobs, family, and multiple responsibilities can create havoc in your creative journey. There never seems to be enough time to fit it all in. This can be terribly frustrating as days, weeks, months and even years can pass you by. When will you find the time to delve deep into your art?

Life is complicated and all of us are super busy. If you can find the time to do all the things you are currently doing……. can you squeeze one more thing in? Self care is super important. It is not selfish, it is necessary. In order to give to others, it is important to give to yourself. This doesn’t seem to come easily for most of us. We seem to be pulled in so many directions that in the end of the day we are depleted and exhausted.

What if this cycle could be broken? What if there was a way to “do it all”????

Commitment is the first step. It can be a scary one but it is first and primary. Commitment comes when you invest dedication to something and that something….. is YOU! How much do you really want to commit to your creative journey? Are you willing to let it pass you by or are you determined to carve out a path to satisfy the creative soul in you?

Here is an entry from my Sketchbook. I wanted to learn the names and shapes of the leaves of the native plants in my garden. Here I used  Pen & Ink with Watercolor overlay. ©MLighthipe 2018

Here are some ideas to help you along your artistic journey:

  • Get outside! Find a local park, your garden, or a hiking trail where you can connect with nature. No need to make it complicated. 
  • Go minimal…..Bring a sketchbook with just a mechanical pencil. (no sharpened needed!) 
  • Bring a small backpack to gather some simple objects you find along the way. ( Be mindful not to disturb the natural habitat!)
  • Curiosity!- What did you discover? What is interesting to you? What do you want to explore more of? 
  • Create a space devoted just for your art. It does not have to be a large area. Make it simple and private. 
  • Close the door when you are making art. When the door is closed, it tells the rest of the house that you are creating and should not be disturbed. 
  • Schedule at least 3 times a week where you can spend quiet time by yourself to sit down and draw. This can be early in the morning, at lunch, or after dinner. Close the door, shut off the television. Try to devote at least 30-60 minutes at a time. 
  • Need guidance? Take a class, online or in-person.

These are just a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. If traveling with like-minded nature loving artists is appealing to you why not jump start on a Journey to Costa Rica for an Artistic Adventure and join us ….. Drawing the Beauty of Nature!

Imagine 10 uninterrupted days of exploration, discovery and inspiration into the natural world just for YOU!