Mulberry Tree Leaves

This is leaf #14 & Leaf 15 of my 30 Day Botanical Leaf Challenge. I believe these are  Mulberry Tree leaves. I found the leaves in my backyard. They are such a cool leaves. The mottled circles were there, painted by Mother Nature herself. Each leaf had these wonderful circles on them and each leaf was so different. It was so much fun to do and I had so many awesome leaves to choose from that I decided to do another one to match it. I experimented with mediums. I used gouache ( opaque watercolor) and then used PanPastels for the next layer and then finished the details in colored pencils.  I worked on Fabriano Soft Press 300 pound watercolor paper and I think the next time I will try hot press. The paper was a bit too textured and I found that I was not able to get the level of detail I wanted. All in all the leaves were so interesting that I thoroughly enjoyed doing them.Tomorrow I am going to the Fall Festival at Kanapaha Botanical Garden and I wasn't sure if I would be able to get my leaf done so…….. I worked extra hard today and did the 2 leaves. I will let you know how the show was and hopefully I will find some other cool stuff to paint!


Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!


These leaves are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop: BugsBeastsBotanicals