A Hint of Color- Graphite & Gouache

Sometimes when I use gouache and graphite to do a painting. I do a tonal drawing first and then I like to lightly tint the paper with color so that the tonal drawing shows through. This is what I did here on this hickory leaf. This particular leaf was already brown and relatively flat. I could see a hint of undulation and variation in the leaf, but not much. I decided that the best way to handle this leaf would be to start with graphite. I used a 2H Tombow……. my favorite manufacturer for graphite. I start out by using the side of my pencil to lay down tone. It helps to layer and create gradations of darks and lights. I work from dark to light. I found where the shadows were and gradually lightened my touch to get a lighter value. Once I was done with the drawing I decided to paint over it in gouache. I used burnt sienna, yellow ochre and burnt umber in a very pale tea wash. I did this all at once. The entire leaf was done with a #10 watercolor round brush. After the first layer I liked it so much that I felt it didn't need to do any more to it. I like when things can be this easy……….

This painting is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop: BugsBeastsBotanicals