A Pastel-Colored Dogwood Leaf?

I was happy to find that dogwood trees grow this far south. It was one of my father's favorite trees. Each spring when the dogwoods were in bloom my father was in filled with joy.Spring time was his favorite time of year.  When my dad passed away we placed his ashes under a pink dogwood tree in our back yard. Everytime I see a dogwood tree, I think of my dad. One difference here in Gainesville is that autumn is not the same as it is in New Jersey. We are still experiencing 85 degree weather. Some plants are tropical, sub-tropical, decidous, evergreen…. It seems like you name it……. we've go it. Back in New Jersey the leaves are at or past their peak and the colors are jewel like. The colors are scarlet, crimson, burgundy and ochre. Here the weather is still so warm that the leaves do not have the drastic change in color shift. This dogwood leaf had beautiful muted pinks, golds and greens. It was delicate and puffy. I decided to continue with the gouache and graphite to render the soft and gentle feeling of the colors.


This leaf is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop: BugsBeastsBotanicals