Tiny Red Burst of Color

How do I fit it all in? Motivation I believe is the key for me. My time is precious to me and it is always difficult to manage. Being self employed is a hard thing to do. No one tells me what to do, where to do it or how long it should take me. I think being organized also helps but that has never been my strong suit. I always seem to bite off more than I can chew and being organized would help a lot I am sure, but it just isn't in my genetic make-up. I inherited my dad's genes. My mom is highly organized and like my dad I can spend more time looking for my paint brush sometimes than painting. I have to rely on my passion to keep me motivated and my pursuit to learning and growing as an artist. One of the reasons I made this challenge public is so that I had someone to answer to….. and that is all of you out there! My mother just had surgery this past weekend and I have been running to doctors, hospitals, labs, drug stores… you name it… all month……I have been doing it. I have been carrying sketch pads, pencils, etc in my back pack and drawing, painting everywhere I go where I have to sit in a waiting room. Every parking lot I scan for a leaf to draw. Today I found this tiny leaf in the parking lot and thought……."I have time for this leaf today for sure!" It was just the leaf I needed to do. It was simple, had character and of course great color. I am off to the hospital to see mom…… wonder what I will find this afternoon.