I was out wandering in the backyard and found what I thought was a dandelion plant. In New Jersey they are everywhere and spread like wildfire. In Florida if they exist, I haven't really seen them so I was surprised to see one in my yard. It turns out it wasn't a dandelion but some kind of wildflower. The flowers are yellow but they are very tiny and on a long stem that comes out of the middle of the plant. I really liked the leaves. They were puffy and at the same time delicate. I am going to have to get a Florida wildflower identification book to see if I can find out what it is. In terms of identifying the morphology characteristics, this is what I found:

The leaf shape is lyrate, meaning that the largest rounded lobe is at the top of the leaf, and the lower rounded lobes are much smaller as they descend down the stem towards the ground. The leaf edge is crisped, meaning that it is curled, wavy or crinkled. I liked what happened with the Terre Verte paint on my sweet potato vine leaf, so I decided to do it again to see if I could get the highlights of the "puffiness" and get a little bolder without going back to my usual style.