Botanical Leaf # 8; Silverpoint

I enjoy doing a variety of different techniques. I learned silverpoint from Linda Funk in the 1990's at the New York Botanical Garden. Linda is a wonderful botanical artist and an enthusiast teacher.  She is also a purist. Her work is sooooo beautiful and each stroke is carefully and accurately placed. I on the other hand tend to be impatient and spontaneous. Silverpoint  does not leave a lot of room for error as there is no erasing allowed! After 15 years of not doing silverpoint I decided to try it again. One of my students gave me a bottle of Silverpoint/Drawing Ground made by Golden.

Here is my leaf for day #8. It is a papaya leaf and it was done in silverpoint. I poured the ground into a cup, added a little water and painted it onto my watercolor paper with a wide flat watercolor brush in a vertical direction. I let it dry and then painted another coat in a horizontal direction. When the coating was dry I began to use a sterling silver wire to draw this leaf. The layers build up slowly as the silver is deposited onto the surface of the paper. It was nice to slow down a bit and get into the undulations of the leaf and being more careful than usual. The result is a beautiful soft silvery effect that you can not achieve any other way.  You can purchase the silverpoint/drawing ground at DickBlick online.



Leaf # 8 is available for purchase at my Etsy Shop.