Leaf #9- Using Pan Pastels

I am about to teach a class called" PanPastels: Everything but the Kitchen Sink" and to prepare for it I have been experimenting with them. As I have stated in various other blog posts about PanPastels…. I love them. They are the perfect solution when you want to use pastels, but do not like the mess and dust of regular pastels. For this Tulip Tree Leaf I started by putting down a heavy layer of gouache on Fabriano watercolor paper.  I mixed the gouache so that it was the basic color of the leaf; a dingy olive/yellow green. I made sure that the pencil lines were dark enough so that the veins would come through the gouache after it was dry. Then I took the PanPastels and began to layer and "sculpt" the form of the undulation of the leaf. I used different colors to make the leaf look as it did…… decaying. The colors and textures of the leaf were really beautiful. After I got the majority of the form and color onto the paper I then switched to color pencil and did the fine details. This is why the class is called "PanPastels and Everything but the Kitchen Sink". Obviously I am not a purist. This would never fly in some circles but I actually like what has happened here and I am planning on doing a whole bunch more!

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