Pygmy Owl ©2014 Mindy LighthipeI use my camera as a research tool to photograph my subjects.  I am always debating whether or not I should spend tons of money and buy a super duper camera. It is difficult for me to take pictures when I have too many bells and whistles. If I have to keep changes lens and carry extra equipment it starts to be too much for me. I have been using the Panasonic Lumix series of digital cameras for a while.  I recently bought the Lumix DMC-F270 which has a  60x zoom lens on it. It has the capability of shooting videos as well as digital photos in RAW format. It is extremely compact, light weight,  with an eye piece as well as large LCD screen. I paid under $400 for the camera.

Today I was hiking in Honduras and we came across a Pygmy Owl high in a tree. This tiny little owl is about 5 inches tall and hunts for food in the day time. Here is a video I took of the owl.  I started out with the full 60x zoom so that you can see the owl. To show you how FANTASTIC this camera is I slowly zoomed out from the owl to show you just how far away I really was……. and how awesome this camera really is!

If you are interested in learning more about how I use my camera in my art work think about coming with me on my next Artistic Adventure Tour to Costa Rica.