For those of you living in the northern part of the USA, spring seems like a million years away. At this time of year I was more like a bear than a human. I think I hibernated from Halloween (not missing out on candy and fun!) to Easter ( Candy again!) Getting me outside in the cold weather was NOT going to happen. Luckily I moved to Florida and now winter is no longer a major issue for me. Living in the southern climate is totally new in terms of planting my garden. My tomatoes will go in by mid to late February and be done by Memorial Day!

March 20, 2019 I will be offering one of my favorite classes; Drawing the Beauty of Plants. March may seem a bit early for spring but it isn’t. It is exactly the time to start honing your drawing skills to be able to draw the plants you love in your garden! Here is a little preview I made to show you some of the things we do in the class. I hope you can join me. Please share this with friend who loves plants as much as you do!