It seems more and more we are bombarded and constantly on overload with all the information via the internet and news media about global warming and climate change. If we listen to a lot of it, it is so alarming that it is hard to find hope in a sea of devastation. I don’t know if you experience this, but I do, and I know a lot of other people who do also. In todays’ crazy times it becomes increasingly difficult to feel like one person can make a difference. 

How do you combat the fatigue and fear of what seems like impending doom?

You FIGHT with enthusiasm and passion. 

You use your talents and intuition to show the world a better way.


In 2010 I wrote and illustrated Mother Monarch. I created this book because I was concerned we were loosing natural habitats and species along with it. Most homeowners do not understand how to live in harmony with nature. Chemicals, herbicides and insectides flood the market and many homeowners run to their local stores to buy these harmful products to eradicate the “invaders” of their yards, thus creating a mono culture….the green lawn.

Butterfly gardening in part has become “fashionable” for some homeowners. They love to see beautiful butterflies in their yards but what they don’t understand is that the caterpillar or juvenile requires a very special plant to feed on in order to transform into a butterfly. For the Monarch Butterfly this plant, which is called a “host” plant is Milkweed. Without milkweed there will be NO Monarch Butterflies. You can plant all the flowers you want for the adult butterfly to nectar or feed on but without the chewed up leaves of the milkweed plant the yard will not have a single Monarch. This is true of many other butterflies and insects that require specific host plants for survival and this requires….DIVERSITY!

In 2010 I also had a studio in New Jersey where I offered classes to groups and private students. I had a few high school students and was really happy to help them hone their skills to create portfolios in preparation to apply to art school. One student was Julia Kron. Julia came to my studio and we worked together for about a year. She was dedicated and produced beautiful art. She was also fairly quiet and shy. After our time together I did not hear from her until just recently…………………..

Julia is now a grown woman and is teaching 2nd grade in a public school in Falls Church , Virginia. She reached out to me to show me a project she did with her second graders. Together they created a  Monarch habitat mural project for their classroom. They  read Mother Monarch in class and then each student choose to create artwork of a milkweed plant, a flower, an insect or help design the background habitat. They referred back to the book on what was needed for the habitat. As soon as each student finished an item for the habitat, they brought it over to the background and discussed where it looked best. Everyone played a part and pitched in! Here are some pictures of the final project.


By using Mother Monarch as a teaching guide, Julia Kron created a mural with her 2nd grade class to teach about Monarch butterflies and conservation!


I can not express how thrilled I am about this project. It is 9 years  since I created Mother Monarch. I set my skills, passion and enthusiasm into the creation of the story hoping it would reach the general public. Imagine my surprise when this quiet shy young girl transformed into a beautiful young woman. She transformed my book into a project that created an educational and creative project for her students. This project will stay with them for years to come and who knows maybe it will spark more creative energies as we share our passion and enthusiasm for the BEAUTY of NATURE!

The next time you have an idea that sparks creativity, enthusiasm and passion…….. don’t let negativity or hopelessness stop you! You never know who will be inspired by or share in your vision. Today is here and NOW and we need YOU!

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