The Burrowing Owl is native to my home state of Florida. I went to Cape Coral to visit the home of a large colony of Burrowing Owls. The large population is stable because a large housing development site was stopped. It was stopped to protect the home of these endangered owls. 

I was super anxious to see them, and was so startled when I did!   Owls are mostly large birds of prey.  These guy are really tiny. They are about 8 inches tall and live in holes under ground. This is how they got the name “burrowing”. Although small in stature, they are huge in personality. I watched, sketched and photographed them for several hours.

Since the developer was stopped from building homes in this area, the owls are thriving. They are celebrities in Florida. Cape Coral is proud to have them. Habitat destruction is one the main causes for population decline. It is gratifying to know the laws are in place to protect wildlife.  

It is  important to me to get out into nature. Exploring nature helps me find ways to create, educate and protect its amazing critters. Careful study and research makes sure I get the anatomy accurate. This original Burrowing Owl painting is a combination of colored pencil and pastel. I love the facial expressions and posture of his head. I think I captured his personalty!

There are many people out there who feel the same way I do. This feisty owl makes a great focal point in your home decor. Price is for the original, unframed. Shipping is free in the continental USA. Please contact me at Mlighthipe@mac.com for shipping charges for other destinations. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE