I have always been fascinated by brilliant color. The brighter the better. As an artist I always purchase the brightest colors, whether I am buying colored pencils, watercolors or gouache. It is easy to mute a color but it is almost impossible to make a color brighter or more vibrant. Color mixing can seem complex for artists. With a limited palette of just the right colors it is possible to create a HUGE range of colors. I appreciate this because art supplies can be expensive. The market is flooded with many different mediums and manufacturers that you can spend a fortune on supplies! It is often the case, that many artists have too many colors and supplies. They don’t know how to use them. In my online watercolor course I designed a step by step process using a limited palette of 6 colors + a few specialty colors. With this limited number of just the “right” colors I am able to effectively mix a huge range of bright, middle and muted colors.

I just got back from leading an Artistic Adventure Art & Photography to Costa Rica. The colors of nature are a true inspiration for me. Here is a little video of colors and textures from the rainforest of Costa Rica.

I would love to have you join us for the next round of online classes or our next trip to Costa Rica! Got questions? Leave your comments below or email me.