52/52 Painting Challenge Week # 17

"Harlequin Beetle" Watercolor on Vellum; MLighthipe ©2012

It is almost 20 years ago that I decided to give up my profession as a handweaver and become a botanical artist and natural science illustrator. When I graduated from college with my BFA and MA in Art and Art Education my focus had been on the Fiber Arts. I was into shearing sheep, spinning wool, growing natural dyes and handweaving fabric on an 8 harness floor loom. I traveled around the country and did craft fairs selling my handwoven scarves, shawls and clothing for about 10 years. Weaving is intensive labor and I finally decided to change my focus in the late 1980's. The Harlequin Beetle was one of the reasons  that pushed me into painting and away from making fabric. I was traveling in Costa Rica and met an entomologist named Richard Whitten. He had an insect museum, Jewels of the Rainforest, that had over a million specimens in it. The harlequin beetle was one of my favorites. I realized that as an artist what I was really drawn to was color, texture and pattern. Most people are not "bug lovers". They freakout about stinging, sucking, hairy, 6 legged, crawling , flying critters. I have always loved them! When I look at the pattern on the elytra (outer shell of the beetle) of the harlequin beetle I imagine a tribal mud cloth from Africa. I can never get enough of the color combinations and intricate patterns. I no longer weave, although I still have one of my looms, all my yarns and weaving equipment. Perhaps one day I will get back into it but for now my fascination remains with the creepy crawlers!

How do feel about bugs? Which one is your favorite?

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