Painting #27 of #Paint52

"Brandywine Heirloom" Watercolor ©2012 Mlighthipe

I love heirloom tomatoes! Tomato season is over here in Florida. My tomatoes died about 3 weeks ago. I had a pretty good crop for my first season. We had tomatoes in late May! I still think of August as prime tomato time! In Florida August gets too hot and muggy. The nights do not get cool enough for the plant to set fruit. In New Jersey this is the time of year that the tomatoes start to be at their best. There is nothing like a Jersey tomato! I may live in Florida now but I am a Jersey girl through and through.

After doing some complex painting for my 52/52 Painting challenge, I decided to do something just for fun. I am taking an online class from Val Webb. She is a botanical artist and illustrator. Her work is whimsical, fun and very creative. She is offering a class that combines hand lettering with watercolor. I really like her style and thought it would be nice to learn something new. I have never really done calligraphy or lettering so this is something that is new to me. I also wanted to take a class online to see what it would be like. Val has set up the class in 10 lessons. She gives 2 videos per lesson with an assignment. She gives handouts also. I am very impressed with what she is offering. She has a "closed group" on Facebook for class participants only. As people do their projects they post them on the group page. Everyone gets to see what everyone else is doing. It is awesome to see the variety of styles and techniques that everyone is posting. There is a wide range of levels in the class. Everyone is sharing and having a blast. People ask questions and others reply. Val is very mindful to make sure she comments and gives advice and support on the group page as well. This is a highly successful online class and the next time she offers a class I recommend if you have the time, take it! She is thorough, has great easy to follow videos, great ideas, successful projects, well prepared handouts, offers wonderful advise and is very knowledgeable.

I hope you will visit Val Webb's blog and "like" her Facebook page.

Enjoy and I hope you get to have an heirloom tomato in your next salad!