ArtsyShark -Mindy Lighthipe Featured ArtistI am super thrilled to be the Featured Artist on Artsy Shark! Several months ago, I found a call for artists on the Artsy Shark website. The cost was $25 to enter. It can cost a lot of money to enter a competition. I try to be careful with how many fees I send out per year and research whether or not I think it is worth it. Entry fees can deter artists from entering for a.) fear of rejection and b.) too costly to risk the rejection. Artsy Shark and owner Carolyn Edlund are sympathetic and committed to helping artists promote their work. It has a huge range of articles, tutorials, tips and tools to help artists. Marketing is not my strong suit, therefore I constantly search for ways to learn about self promotion. I subscribe to many different marketing newsletters. This one is at the top of my list!

As a featured artist, they send you many ways you to use the article to promote yourself and and your art. Click here to read the article or download the pdf.

If you are interested promoting yourself, and your art I recommend you check out Artsy Shark. It is a huge website with lots of different tools, tips and resources for artists who want to sell their art.

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