I LOVE Sloths! For over 30 years I have traveled to Costa Rica. Whenever I am there I always see sloths in the wild. This particular sloth is “Millie” the 2 fingered sloth. A park ranger rescued her when she was only a few weeks old. A huge mudslide toppled her and her mom from the trees. Unfortunately, Millie’s mom perished in the storm.  Luckily, this tiny baby sloth was taken to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. Millie was the first sloth to arrive at this all bird rehab center. Here she thrived, paving the way for more injured, orphaned and abandoned sloths to get the care they needed. Millie is now an Ambassador at Toucan Rescue Ranch. Everyone loves her! Working with the folks at Toucan Rescue Ranch is a privledge.  I love helping them.

This original is a combination of colored pencil and PanPastels on Stonehenge Kraft paper. This piece is for sale (free shipping within the  continental USA). 25% of the sale of this painting goes directly to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. 300 animals are in much need of funding for medical expenses, food and rehab.

Millie the 2 fingered Sloth

      “Millie the 2 Fingered Sloth” Colored Pencil & Pastel ©2020 Mlighthipe

We are still planning our trip to Costa Rica for the end of January 2021. Costa Rica has started to open the country and they need eco-tourists like us to come visit and support their conservation efforts. Together with Holbrook Travel and the Selva Verde Lodge we are doing everything we can to make the journey safe for everyone. We are keeping out fingers and sloth toes crossed that this will happen, safely and happily! Ready to travel with artists, photographers and nature lovers to support wildlife conservation? Join us on our Journey to the Heart of Creativity in Costa Rica.

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