I just got back from my trip to Costa Rica. We had 10 days of pure heaven, photographing and sketching the wonders of the rainforest. One of things I enjoyed the most was taking pictures with my iPhone. I have the iPhone 5s and it does a great job in taking close up photos. For the trip I treated myself to a few accessories which really turned out to be wonderful additions to my equipment. Here is a shot I took of a Red-eyed Tree Frog with the iPhone and another photo with the Olloclip 4 in 1 Wide angle lens attachment. Can you believe the clarity????? I used the “Selfie Stick” to get into some tight places. It also helped to keep the camera steady while I was trying to focus and click the shutter.  Below are some other photos I took with the iPhone and the Olloclip lens.


Taken with the iPhone 5s and Olloclip 4 in one lens; wide angle lens ©2015Mlighthipe

Iphone 5s Frog ©2015 Mlighthipe

Taken with the iPhone 5s in Costa Rica. ©2015 Mlighthipe












Here are some more shots I took on the trip with my iPhone. To purchase these products and other useful tools for artists check out my “Amazon Favorites” below.

Hammer Head Wasp- ©2015MLighthipe

This tiny wasp looks like a Hammer Head Shark with wings! It landed on somebodies plate during breakfast!

Cacao Flower- ©2015 Mlighthipe

This very tiny Cacao flower will one day grow up to be CHOCOLATE!

Rainforest Moth- ©2015 Mlighthipe

This vibrant moth was napping under a leaf. the Selfie Sick and Olloclip made this shot from the iPhone a breeze!

©2015MLighthipe Mushrooms in the rainforest

These tiny mushrooms were taken in low light in the rainforest. ©2015MLighthipe