Cover- Mindy Lighthipe ©2014 Roadside WeedsAbout 9 months ago I was approached by Artist’s Magazine writer, Holly Davis about submitting images of my “bug” paintings for an article she was writing. It is not every day that I receive requests like this so of course….. I jumped on it! How did she find me? How did she know I LOVE BUGS? I was recommended by one of my former students and very successful artist/friend, Wendy Hollender. Thanks Wendy!

I quickly sent in a variety of images from single insect illustrations to butterfly lifecycle paintings. She then sent me a questionnaire to fill out about how I do what I do. It was all very exciting and I was thrilled that I “might” get a chance to be included in her article.

Months and months went past and I actually forgot about it…… then one day I was sent an email with my image ON THE COVER for proofing as well as a 2 page spread in the magazine.

OVER THE MOON! I was thrilled with what she had written about my artwork, the process, research and techniques I used. Well yesterday I got my copy of it in the mail box. SWEET!


Roadside Weeds ©2014 MLighthipeAs an artist you never know when someone will show interest in your art. Be prepared! Have your images ready to go. If you are not able to scan your own art, find someone who can. Make sure your digital images are 300 dpi and the highest quality you can get. Respond immediately, get excited, be enthusiastic and be available to follow through. In order to succeed as an artist you must be ready to take advantage of every opportunity. The cover image is a painting I did for Wild Cotton and is available as a t-shirt in their online catalogue. Know that your art can be used for a multitude of purposes! Be ready to brag a little!