Insect Art: Decorate with Bugs!

Using Insects in Home Decor

The insect world is one of my favorite subjects to paint. I have been fascinated with bugs since I was a small child. Recently I moved into a new home and began to decorate it. A beetle mosaic done by Christopher Marley is one of my latest additions to my insect art collection.  It fits into many categories- modern, eclectic, and stunning. For some of you it might be down right creepy, but I love bugs! Pheromone is Marley’s illustrious art gallery that features meticulously composed designs of various insect, animal and sea life specimens. It is a cornucopia that celebrates Mother Nature with all of her subtle nuances. The specimens are collected legally from countries that are saving their natural habitats by raising insects through eco-farming. Insects in particular are very sensitive to an ecosystem. By farm raising the insects the natural environment must stay intact. People are reaping the benefits of maintaining nature and producing an income. It is a win/win situation. It encourages people to value their natural resources for generations to come. Nothing is taken from the wild.

Christopher Marley’s interpretations of the beauty and design of butterflies, moths, beetles, and tropical weevils is one that I also find fascinating in the natural world. The insect world is rich with a variety of shapes, textures, patterns and colors. One of the greatest things about Marley’s art is that it is so easily transformed into home décor. It adds an organic feel, and a whimsical, yet sophisticated look to the style of any home. Marley’s art from a distance appears as colorful prisms or a kaleidoscope of mosaics. I found this to be a perfect combination with other forms of art, whether sculpture or paintings. Appealing to both the art collector and nature lover; many homeowners, designers, and decorators are drawn to its detail and versatility. Multiple forms of insect art can work together to create interesting and mystical wall décor. There is no limit to what one can do, with these art pieces that pay homage to nature.

Combining insect art with other forms of nature art, is a meaningful way to bring the love of nature inside your home. Combining artwork, such as Marley’s insect mosaics, with botanical and natural history paintings, creates a stunning and eclectic space. It allows art enthusiasts to combine pieces of art that include serious design paired with a bit of magic and imagination for creative home decor and design accents on the market today.

Do you love insects as much as I do? Do they creep you out? Would you hang them on your wall?

Let me know your thoughts!