Pink Waterlilies- ©2014 Mindy Lighthipe Gouache Ink ResistI just got done done doing a 6 week commission for a client. It is a very detailed 60″ x 40″ painting of a male Wild Turkey in full strut. It has tons of detail and as you can imagine it took lots of time! I will post more details on this later.

After a large commission like this I like to do something light and easy. I recently did some waterlily paintings for Wild Cotton T-shirt company and there were a few sketches that I really liked but didn’t make it into the painting. I always do my drawing on heavy weight tracing vellum so that I can use the drawing over. It is a way of reusing my drawings in other compositions. Here is a painting that I did using the “reject” drawings of the pink waterlilies. I learned the technique from an online class with Val Webb. It is a gouache/ink resist technique. The results can be unpredictable and that is exactly why I wanted to play around with it. It looks like the cross between a wood cut and a batiked piece of fabric.