2014 is here and with it, the excitement of new beginnings. We all mutter to ourselves, “This year will be better than the previous one.”

It is a simple resolution, but one we hold near and dear to our hearts. How many of us actually keep those New Year’s resolutions? One way to make this resolution a reality is to embrace a new mindset. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s doable, very doable. One way to achieve this is to immerse yourself in nature through botanical art. It’s what I do. It’s what you can do as well.  As I offer online classes and tutorials for studies you can join me in a responsive environment to explore and hone your art skills. Why wouldn’t you? After all, art has the power to keep us grounded and yet at the same time lift us up to the highest peaks.

Costa Rica botanical art

Biriba Fruit with Hairstreak Butterfly ©2013 Mindy Lighthipe Watercolor


Botanical art, or botanical illustration as it is also known, is the art of depicting the form, color and details of plant species. It’s also about using creativity and learning about the natural world that is all around us. My art, as well as yours, does not have to be limited to just plant species.  I have done paintings of fruit bats, great green macaws, hummingbirds, butterflies, sandhill cranes and much, much more. I have created illustrated butterfly storybooks and symbolic Oracle Cards. I am planning on more of this in 2014!

In each of my paintings and illustrations I convey a vibrancy of life. These pieces of art are just a glimpse into of our vibrant planet. This is really the essence of botanical and nature paintings – a combination of human curiosity and a passion to capture the details on paper. We should do our best to live life in this fashion, which is why you should make 2014 the year of botanical and nature paintings.

Costa Rica botanical art

Red- Eyed Tree Frog- Photograph by Mindy Lighthipe ©2013

Luckily for us, the world is our classroom and we can look to it for guidance and advice. Thankfully, this winter, we can depend on Costa Rica for that. I host an art and photography workshop in Costa Rica. On this 10-day tour, you will bear witness to the riches of the Costa Rican landscape, including its rainforest and its seemingly endless parade of beauty.  One night, you will stay at Hotel Bougainvillea and the next, at Selva Verde Lodge; all while honing your artistic and photography skills. This year, people will be enjoying bugs, beasts and botanicals from February 4 to 13. We’re already planning next year’s trip, for 2015, so if you’re interested in booking a trip of a lifetime, contact me today (mailto:mlighthipe@gmail.com)!

You can purchase this painting here or if you’re interested in purchasing any of my original botanical and wildlife watercolor paintings check out my Daily Paintworks Gallery or for my archival prints, check out my Etsy shop!