MechanicalPencilThere are so many drawing pencils on the market and it is often difficult to know which type to buy. If you are looking for a pencil that has the ability to give you the sharpest point I highly recommend a Mechanical Pencil Holder that fits 2 mm size leads. You will also need a special pencil sharpener for this kind of mechanical pencil. The standard pencil sharpeners are only good for wooden pencils. If you click on the links in blue, it will take you to DickBlick where you can buy them.

Many people get confused as to how the pencil sharpener works. I often see artists frustrated with breaking the leads and not using the sharpener properly. Here is a short video that demonstrates how to get a GREAT point every time.

[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”http://youtu.be/GZt5kb50aNE”][/pexyoutube]

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Happy Drawing!