11887739_828986103884343_2386452696524935746_oI recently was “tagged” on Facebook by a friend who saw that Whales Tale was selling and promoting my children’s book Mother Monarch! As many of you know I am originally from New Jersey and have spent time in Cape May and visited their beautiful store. It is an honor to be a part of it as they promote awareness about the Monarch butterfly migration. The migration has already started as they head down the coast of New Jersey. They come through Florida and head over to Mexico. They can be seen by the hundreds flying. This migration is endangered as the Monarchs rely on milkweed as their host plant for the growing juvenile…. the caterpillar. 4 generations yearly rely on milkweed for the growing caterpillars and with pesticides and habitat destruction much of the open fields where milkweed used to grow are disappearing. I wrote and illustrated Mother Monarch in hopes of educating both adults and children the need for planting milkweed. If you are interested in learning more about the migration here are 2 links I found very enlightening.