I am always amazed at the beautiful art that is produced after participants come home from a tour with me to Costa Rica. The 10 day journey is a whirlwind experience with so much amazing wildlife encounters it is difficult to know where to focus one’s attention. Part of my focus on these tours is to help artists gather information through field sketching, color notes and specific methods of photography to help the artist create works when they get back to their studios. 

One participant over the years who stands out is Karen Johnson. She is a prolific nature journalist to say the least. Here are some pages from her sketchbook done in Costa Rica on our trip. She has taken her sketches and created multiple gift items from Fabric to Home Goods. Click on the links below to see the beautiful and diverse work she does…not just Costa Rica but all of her adventures. 

Karen’s Website         Karen’s Fabrics on Spoonflower    Karen’s  Home Goods on Society6

Nature journaling is a way to record the sights, sounds, smells, textures and colors of a particular place. It helps to solidify the experience to make your best art for years to come. Want to join us in Costa Rica in 2024? Click here for more info.