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Drawing the Beauty of Plants

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This 8 week class breaks down the basic components of the plant world. Each week a new aspect of plant anatomy will unfold through precise demonstrations via videos and printable handouts. Topics include: Leaf Anatomy and Taxonomy, Measuring & Dissection, Atmospheric Perspective, Scientific Lighting, Composition, Root Systems, Nature Journaling and Accurate Note Taking. This course is designed for beginning as well as advanced artists who want a thorough progression in drawing using graphite. I recommend taking Foundation Drawing prior to taking this class. Many of the essential techniques, vocabulary and skills for this class are covered in Foundation Drawing.

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Mindy is an amazing teacher. Her lessons are so incredibly well thought out. She never forgets to explain anything we might have difficulty with. The lessons are organized into manageable steps of difficulty. The explanations of things like perspective and how to prepare a surface with graphite for drawing are perfect. I have complete confidence in her program and I am really enjoying it.

~ Ingrid S, VanCouver BC