Distance Learning ~ Mini Classes

Mini Classes are designed for immediate and Lifetime Access. Each mini class is about a specific topic or technique. These quick classes allow you to start right away with videos and handouts pertaining to the specific topic. The mini class is available for as long as I am teaching. A membership to Facebook Group: Drawing the Beauty of nature with Mindy Lighthipe is available to all students enrolled in any mini class. This bonus allows for artists to share their work, questions and be part of a community.

Meet the Beetles!

The Insect World is full of many varieties of dazzling colors and shapes. Iridescence creates a challenge for artists. This mini course demystifies how to create the glorious shine and shimmering color.  25 Instructional Videos in watercolor, watercolor pencils and colored pencil. This course includes Lifetime Access.

Cost: $99

Draw an Artichoke in Graphite

Learn to efficiently draw an artichoke and demystify the spiral patterns found in the Fibonacci Pattern. This class is in graphite and open to all levels. This course includes Lifetime Access.

Course Outline

Cost: $39

As I am self taught due to my remote location, Mindy has opened up a whole new world for me regarding exactly what it is I am doing, and how to move forward in order to progress with this skill. I am thrilled to have her as my teacher. I have gained more confidence in my shading and drawing skills through the fundamentals class. I LOVE using the tracing paper and overall this experience has been so exciting for me. The videos tie it all together so well. What a great series of lessons she put together.

~ Susan P. New York, NY USA