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Online Courses are designed in 8, 10 and 12 consecutive weeks. They are Lifetime Access for as long as I am in business. Each course is carefully developed by me, Mindy Lighthipe. I offer step-by-step progression which promises to build skills and techniques. During the duration of each course students receive a weekly lesson with videos and handouts. There is a private Facebook Group where students have the opportunity to share their work, ask questions and get feedback. I highly recommend Foundation Drawing as the first course to take, especially if you are new drawing and painting. It offers a wide range of skills I use in the other classes. Once you purchase a course it is yours to view as often as you wish on your time frame. I suggest you follow the sequence of each course as they are progressive and build as the courses unfold.

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Foundation Drawing

Drawing the Beauty of Plants

Wonderful Watercolor

Experimenting with Colored Pencil

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Foundation Drawing Classes by Mindy Lighthipe takes a person step by step into the exploration of the world of the pencil…lines, shadings, perspective, drawing, and more. It answers the mysteries of those who have never drawn, and also those who have drawn but never knew where to get the answers to their many questions. It has challenging, but achievable exercises. I recommend this course for anyone-actually everyone. But come ready to think, to work and to play hard.

~ Connie I, USA

Mindy is an amazing teacher. Her lessons are so incredibly well thought out. She never forgets to explain anything we might have difficulty with. The lessons are organized into manageable steps of difficulty. The explanations of things like perspective and how to prepare a surface with graphite for drawing are perfect. I have complete confidence in her program and I am really enjoying it.

~ Ingrid S, VanCouver BC

I have enjoyed Mindy’s classes very much. She is an excellent instructor and a wonderful artist. What I like most about her classes is that she is clear, precise and meticulous in explaining the various techniques and the reasons why the techniques are used. If you take her classes, you will not be disappointed.

~ J.Costa, New York USA

This great class provided an in-depth review of graphite drawing. It covered the basic principles using lots of different methods to support learning: written materials, audio/video demonstrations, a private Facebook site for sharing work, and a mechanism for private feedback. Mindy was very accessible, a wonderful role model, and a great teacher. She is very committed to her students and to sharing her expertise and resources. I will definitely take future classes from her.

~ Deborah G: North Carolina USA