I can’t tell you all how happy I was to be able to return to Costa Rica for our annual Art & Photography Tour this past February 2022. I was lucky enough in 2020 to go to Costa Rica and lead the tour. I returned in early March just 2 days before the USA shut down the country due to Covid.

2021 was not possible but then….. the vaccine arrived and travel restrictions were lifted! I was concerned people would still be nervous about traveling and I wondered if Costa Rica would be the same or whether it would be different. We filled the trip and even had a waitlist! My concerns were all lifted. People were anxious to travel and I am so glad they did!

I have always loved Costa Rica for it’s conservation, biodiversity, wildlife,  people…. everything is as the Costa Ricans say, ” Pura Vida”….which means pure life. I was super impressed with how well maintained everything was. The roads, the gardens, the rescue facilities, the hotels and lodges. The Costa Rican government did an excellent job at maintaining safety protocols.  All employees, guides, drivers, etc were vaccinated and tested regularly and all were wearing masks. You could see the smile and joy in the theirs eyes to have us back again. A huge portion of the county’s income comes from eco-tourism. They know their natural resources need to be protected and they do an excellent job of it. Everything was fantastic and I almost feel like it was even better!

I am so stoked to announce that registration is officially open for February 2023! This next trip has 3 new venues!

  • La Catalina Orchid Grower and get a chance to draw and paint from his garden!!!!
  • Pierella Gardens is the home of Willam & Kristal. They have restored farmland into a rainforest  oasis where they rear butterflies for live butterfly exhibits worldwide. Enter their world and be amazed!
  • Frog’s HeavenDo I need to say any more??????

Early bird discount is available with $250 if you register before September 1, 2022. If you are serious about joining us I would not wait until then as we are limited to 14 participants. Single and double occupancies are available. If you have any questions for me please reach out at Mlighthipe@mac.com

I am also happy to discuss the trip over the phone if you want to chat! Click here for the full information : Journey to the Heart of Creativity in the Costa Rica Rainforest!   I hope you can join us!!!!
Hasta luego mis amigos!