I recently had the wonderful experience of taking my cat, King Arthur to Florida on an airplane. I had business in Gainesville at the Florida Museum of Natural History and I had to be away for 10 days. I do cat rescue for Lifeline Animal Rescue in NJ and Arthur is one of my personal adopted cats. He is diabetic and requires insulin shots twice daily. I was able to take him on the plane and I thought he might panic but…… what a special guy. He is a Maine Coon mix and one of the gentlest cats I have ever known. He is major laid back and was happy to sit in his carrier on my lap and look out the window of the plane. When it came time for refreshments the fight attendant cut a paper cup down so that Arthur had a cup of water to drink with all the other passengers.

"King Arthur" PanPastels ; Mindy Lighthipe @2009

Animals are such wonderful creatures and domesticated ones are so dependent upon us. All too often people buy cats, dogs, iguanas etc as pets and then discard them when they change their minds.

I started working with PanPastels as a way to create portraits of some of the animals in our rescue. I was able to exhibit them and raise funds. What I like about the PanPastels is that I was able to recreate fur with relative ease.  I wanted to keep the price affordable so that people would  be more open to spending the money for an original as well as helping out the animals. The PanPastels cut down on my labor time without loosing any quality to the image.

If you would like more information about PanPastels please contact me.