I have been teaching Pen & Ink at the University of Florida to my Intro to Scientific Illustration Class. The feedback I usually receive before I teach Pen & Ink Techniques is the following:

  • Difficult medium to work in.
  • Mistakes are not correctable.
  • Not sure if I will ever use it again.
  • Don’t like black and white art.

After taking this section the students find out:

  • Pen & Ink can be learned with practise
  • Mistakes are NOT the end of the world. They can be fixed!
  • Multiple applications for Pen & Ink that they never thought of!
  • It doesn’t have to be just black & white. Color can be added!

Here is a series of videos that I did showing how to ink an Artichoke using Pen & Ink with line. The videos go from the beginning drawing and goes to the end of the finished rendering.

[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”http://youtu.be/GxHrmNAerzs?list=UUNXaDOGnMiqaYAvthe-eCvQ”][/pexyoutube]


[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”http://youtu.be/Jyhmtvn_5YA”][/pexyoutube]


[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”http://youtu.be/sElgWAQAusM”][/pexyoutube]


[pexyoutube pex_attr_src=”http://youtu.be/uYBCxh2LTtA”][/pexyoutube]

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