Great Horned Owl


Great Horned Owl- Bubo virginianus

The Great Horned Owl is one of the world’s most recognized owl! The “horned” description are not actually “horns” but long tufted feathers at the top of the head. It is wide spread throughout North America, in deserts, wetlands, forests, grasslands, backyards, cities, and almost any other semi-open habitat between the Arctic and the tropics. This owl hunts during the day and night time with its menacing large yellow eyes.

Did you know that owls are able to move their eyes in the socket? For this reason they have the ability to swivel their heads more than 180 degrees to look in any direction.

This is an original painting unframed on #140 lb Lanaquarelle Coldpress watercolor paper using watercolor, gouache and colored pencil. It measures 11” x 15” unframed and signed by the artist. Price includes free shipping in the continental USA. Contact Mindy for shipping outside the USA.

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