Plant Art

Birds of Paradise- Watercolor by Mindy Lighthipe ©2011 Original painting available through Daily Paintworks.

With the age of digital reproduction, why should you buy original art? Print on demand companies have popped up all over the internet and  many with surprisingly high quality prints at affordable prices. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the reproduction from the original….. so again, I ask the question, ”Why buy original art?” For me, buying reproductions versus buying prints is similar to listening to a song on the radio versus going to a concert to see the musicians preform live.  I listen to music everyday and I go to see concerts as often as I can. Nothing beats live music. Most people buy art for decorative and home furnishing reasons. What do you want decorating your space to achieve? Do you want to lay claim to the space, to display your taste, to provoke discussion with clients and guests, and to make your venue as welcoming as possible? One piece of original artwork is worth more than a room filled with prints and replicas. It demonstrates a certain decisiveness of spirit as well as a willingness to support the artist and the arts. Owning an original piece of art stakes a claim for both the content of the piece and the style in which its drawn, painted, or sculpted. As much as you love that table from Pottery Barn, or pride yourself in the piano that’s survived three generations, a piece of original artwork will become the focal point of any room. If it drew you in enough to make the investment, it will draw your guests in equally. While choosing that table or carefully arranging that piano so that it falls just under the light does indeed reflect a facet of your personality, the right original artwork will have been a completely intentional, deep-running choice. When you’re ready to begin your search for that perfect piece, I invite you to consider browsing through my DailyPaintworks Gallery. I have a range of subjects, sizes and prices available. The personality and artistry demonstrated in each original piece may just be what you’re looking for. I am also available for commission work if you have something special in mind.  You can contact me here. –