My last post was January 1, 2013. In that post I mentioned that 2013 had been a hard year for me.

2 weeks later, on January 15, 2013 my mother passed away.

I have been her caregiver for the past 7 years. They were hard and the last year was harder than I ever imagined. She suffered and I was with her through all of it. My art was part of my saving grace. With all the emotional pain I was in,  I held it inside. I kept it at bay. It was important for me to be strong and continue to move forward so that I could be there for her.

For the past 2 months I have been dealing with a probate lawyer, cleaning out and giving away her things. I am an only child. I have no more family, just a few cousins that are miles away. It seems to never end. My days are filled with taking care of her things and she is not here. I have not done a single drawing since she passed. I walk past the studio and it is a mess of creative energy from a mad woman trying to stay sane.

I wanted you to know that if  you have reached out to me and I have not responded …….Thank you. For those of you that wondered where I went….. now you know.

I am grieving the loss of my sister-in-law, my stepson and my mother, all who died within 12 months of each other. Another family member is battling cancer. I have been going to bereavement counseling and it is helping.

It is going to take time for me to get back on my feet but I wanted you to know that I will return to my blogging and I appreciate all of the support and love you have sent my way. I have updated the site and listed workshops that I will be teaching this coming spring.

I hope to be back to some kind of routine soon.

Be well and be good to yourself and those you love.