King Arthur- MLighthipe©2005

“King Arthur”

King Arthur

Many of you may know that I am one of those “crazy cat ladies”. If you didn’t, you do now. I have had cats all my life and if my dad hadn’t gotten a kitten for my mom when she was pregnant with me…. my name would have been Gabrielle! The cat came first and I got spared the child trauma of being called “Gabby”.

About 7 years ago I started fostering cats for a rescue while I was living in New Jersey. I have a soft spot for “special needs” kitties. I fostered many of the very sick cats that didn’t make it. Raffe had melanoma, Brooklyn had irritable bowel syndrome, and Sinatra was hearing impaired to name a few.  All in all, I have fostered over 75 cats and found most of them homes. I currently have 9 cats that came with me to Florida when I moved.

About 3 months ago King Arthur, my diabetic cat, contracted an ulcer on his eye. I found an awesome vet in Gainesville, Florida, Dr. Gordon of All Cats. She is a diabetic also and took on the care of Arthur as a patient. Diabetes in cats is not unlike diabetes in humans. Arthur requires insulin shots every 12 hours. Most cats with diabetes live about 2 years but Arthur is a strong boy and I have had him with me for over 5 years. Unfortunately for Arthur, his eye ruptured and he is having surgery on Monday to have his eye removed. It breaks my heart that the eye could not be saved. He will hopefully not loose the sight in his other eye and heal quickly. It has been a painful several months for him.

As you can imagine my vet bills and grocery bills for 9 cats can be a bit overwhelming at times.  I am hoping to raise some money in the next few weeks of holiday shopping by offering 6 pastel portraits I did of some of my rescue cats. I am offering a set of 6 greeting cards. Each card has a portrait on the front with the cat’s personal story on the back….. and of course King Arthur is in the set! Here is what the images look like:

Rescue Cat Greeting Cards by MLighthipe ©2009

If you are a cat lover or have a cat lover on your holiday shopping list please consider purchasing a set of cards.

$15.00 includes free shipping in the USA via USPS

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