I recently received an email from a stranger asking to use my artwork. I get messages like this from time to time and some even ask to buy my art.  I once received a check for $5000 and asked to ship the art + $2500 cashier check because the amount could only be sent this way for a piece which was listed at $2500. You know the drill……. the scam. So when this person asked to use my art work …. I had suspicion. I really don’t like being cynical. I don’t know when this changed within my basic character but unfortunately I am leery of inquiries like this.

The young woman explained she was a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder and was studying music composition. She explained she had created a musical composition for the piano and it was for her friends, Pedro & Indigo. She was asking to use my painting of the Bodacious Catteleya for the cover art.  Her reason was because the catteleya is the national flower of Brazil, which is where Pedro is from. Her idea was to put it next to a painting of an indigo flower, so that the cover reflects the inspiration for the piece, which are her friends Pedro and Indigo. 

She also wrote this: “ I completely understand if you don’t want me to use it- I am learning to be an artist, and I would never want to steal another person’s artwork! If you would allow me to use it, I would give your art credit in the description of the video. 

I was leery, but at the same time intrigued. I was easily able to find her Youtube Channel and watched several videos she had posted. One was about her accomplishments and a brief interview with her dad. He was bursting with pride at her drive, passion and special talent.

I then knew she was the real thing! I emailed her back and gave her permission to use my painting as the cover art for her song.

It is really heartwarming to know there are creative spirits like this young woman who are making their mark on this world. I am glad I was able to help her and so pleased that she knew to respect copyrights and ask for permission. It was easy to say…… YES!

Here is the beautiful music by Isabel Goodwin. I hope you enjoy it. It is a wonderful piece to draw and paint to! Please forward this to friends and family and post on social media. Let her song be heard as it has brought joy to my world today…. I share it with you!