I have done all my gardening in zone 6 in New Jersey until now. I now am gardening in zone 8b. The area that I moved to is Northern Central Florida. It is where you see palm trees and huge oak trees side by side covered in spanish moss, It is where the Appalachian Mountains are gone and the tropics are beginning to move northward. I have many old favorites from the north in my backyard and some of my tropical favorites here too. I once thought that maybe I would move to Costa Rica, but now I have found the best of both worlds. I am 2.5 hours from the NY Metro Area and San Jose CR by plane. I am teaching in both places and living in between.

Pale Pink Siam Tulip- ©2011 Mindy Lighthipe

I am visiting all the nurseries, Lowe's and HomeDepots. I am on a plant frenzy both for painting and planting. My new favorite plant is the Siam Tulip, Curcuma alismatifolia. It is a member of the Ginger family, Zingiberaceae and comes in a variety of colors. So far I have painted two varieties. They keep blooming and make great cut flowers. This is a great advantage for a botanical artist… a plant that keeps blooming, multiplies, lasts for about 2 weeks as a cut flower and it is gorgeous!


Magenta Siam Tulip- ©2011 Mindy Lighthipe

These paintings are for sale. Please email me for inquiries. Commissions are gladly accepted too!